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Firearms Offences

1ITL has vast experience of firearms offences; from simple possession of a firearm, to murder with a firearm and cases in between.

With mere possession of a firearm potentially attracting a minimum 5 year sentence, members of 1ITL are well versed in arguing that exceptional circumstance may apply, to negate the 5 year starting point. Likewise in murder cases involving a firearm, a starting point of 30 years is taken when setting a tariff. Members of 1ITL have significant experience in defending such cases.

Coupled with these, members of 1ITL practice routinely in armed-robbery cases involving the Flying Squad; such cases regularly throwing up legal issues such as informants and "insiders". This is an area in which forensic evidence is often relevant such as low copy DNA and firearms residue all of which we have experience in.

We accept instructions from solicitors, public bodies and via public access.

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