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Judicial Review

Judicial review is the means by which decision of public or quasi-public bodies can be challenged. It is an important tool in preventing the abuse of power by governmental or quasi-governmental bodies.

Members of 1ITL advise and appear regularly in the Administrative Court.

We are able to advise on the pre-action procedure for judicial review and on what needs to be done to ensure a claim is successful.

A claim can be made under any of the heads of action for judicial review, namely:

  1. Irrationality (the public body acted unreasonably);
  2. Illegality (the public body acted outside its powers);
  3. Procedural impropriety (the public body did not follow the appropriate procedure);
  4. Proportionality (the public body did not adequately consider an individual's rights under the Human Rights Act 1998); and
  5. Legitimate expectation (a public body went back on its promise).

We are able to protect your interests and guide you as to the processes involved ensuring you feel comfortable with what can seem an alien system, even in the most stressful of cases.

We accept instructions from solicitors, public bodies and via public access.

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