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Public Access Barristers

What we can do for you under Public Access?

1ITL barristers can advise clients and provide representation without the extra cost of solicitor. You can obtain expert and cost effective advice and advocacy directly. 1ITL barristers can also negotiate on your behalf and there will be many instances where this negotiation alone would be sufficient to meet the needs of the client.

We accept Public Access instructions in cases involving (but not limited to):

  • Crime including Fraud & Financial Crime
  • Employment law
  • Immigration law
  • All forms of regulatory & disciplinary matters
  • All forms of road traffic
  • Environmental health prosecutions
  • Health and Safety prosecutions
  • Trading Standards prosecutions
  • Applications for variation or removal of disqualification orders
  • Applications involving ASBOS
  • Applications involving SOPOS
  • All forms of civil and criminal matters arising from Dangerous Dogs provisions

If you are considering instructing a 1ITL barrister through public access or wish to discuss your legal issue to see if it is suitable, please contact our Senior Clerk, Simon Duggan or a member of the Clerks Room by telephoning 0207 427 4400. Alternatively you can complete our enquiry form and we will contact you in due course. We can offer fee details and costs in advance with public access work and where practical we offer fixed fees for each piece of work required. This offers the client great flexibility and affordability.

The Public Access Barristers scheme was established in 2004 and since then has been amended to cover most areas of law, including crime. The scheme was introduced to allow barristers to be instructed directly by a client without the need to first instruct a solicitor.

What these changes mean for clients is immense. Client's now have public access to the expert barristers for advocacy and advice, resulting in considerable financial savings for the client. Previously access to barrister’s services could only be engaged by first instructing a solicitor. With this costly element stripped away, clients can now gain public access to justice in a new way without incurring the additional expense of a solicitor fees.

Chambers Senior Clerk Simon Duggan is the first contact for public access work, from advising to the most appropriate barrister to fees for any work required but all members of the clerks room are able to assist where possible.

With the government cuts having an even greater effect on the legal aid system and the ability to gain access to justice, 1ITL sees public access as the future of cheaper access to expert barrister legal advice and advocacy in this country.

The advent of public access contains huge benefits for the client and is a great step forward for the Bar. We acknowledge the significant savings that clients can make by use of this scheme and we, at 1ITL, have our own dedicated public access team to provide this service.

Under public access we can provide you with representation and comprehensive advice. In many cases that is likely to be all that is required. We cannot, however, undertake the overall conduct of our client's cases and in this regard we will refer you to a solicitor if you need their assistance.

We are a specialist criminal set who also deal with all associated quasi-criminal matters. Our barristers within Chambers have experience at all levels and some members are qualified mediators.

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